After Macron complains about US climate policy, Biden rushes to appease EU

It seems that when the rest of the world says “jump” to Joe Biden, his response is “how high?”

After French President Emmanuel Macron tore up US energy policy on Wednesday, saying the Cut Inflation Act Could Have Disastrous Consequences for the French and European economies, Biden appeared to be carrying on business as usual with his America Last policy.

Biden immediately went into appeasement mode, saying the United States and the European Union could “resolve” any differences caused by the Biden administration, what Macron calls “super aggressive” climate policies.

At issue are government subsidies for green technologies and energy.

Macron and Biden appeared at a joint press conference where Biden said, “We will continue to bring manufacturing jobs to America, but not at the expense of Europe. We can resolve some of the differences that exist, I’m sure.

Macron agreed, saying: “Everything that is absolutely decisive, because in fact we share the same vision and the same will.

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European concerns

At the heart of European concerns over the Cut Inflation Act is the fact that if the components of electric cars and other green technologies are made in the United States and receives subsidies from the federal government, European manufacturers will suffer the economic consequences.

While Europe is already grappling with high fuel costs due to war in Ukraine (but not in France, which gets 70% of its electricity from nuclear power), Macron has taken the initiative to call on the EU to come up with its own green subsidy scheme.

According to Politico, of course, the Biden administration is ready to help other nations as it racks up nearly $400 billion in new taxes on Americans.

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A spat between Biden and Macron

This is not the first time that Joe Biden has been in hot water with his French counterpart.

In October, while attending a Democratic fundraiser, Biden said the United States could consider for the first time in decades “the direct threat of the use of a nuclear weapon if, in fact, things continue on the path they follow”. “His comments referred to the war in Ukraine.

Comments on nuclear annihilation did not get along well with Macron. He responded by saying, “We have to speak with caution when commenting on such matters. I have always refused to engage in political fiction, and above all… talking about nuclear weapons,” he added. “On this issue, we have to be very careful.”

Macron also said he wanted “to be respected as a good friend”, but that the policy of the Inflation Reduction Act “maybe will solve your problem, but you will increase my problem”.

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