AOC’s new climate film hits the iceberg and sinks into the abyss

America, get ready for another Oscar-worthy performance from Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

If you weren’t dropping a kidney stone or having a wisdom tooth extracted, I have an entertainment suggestion for you. An AOC’s new documentary, titled ‘To The End’, is now playing in theaters across the frozen plain. She stars in her blockbuster of a disaster documentary and narrates the 2-minute trailer.

The trailer opens with the urgent accents of a guitar, like the beating of a racing heart. The AOC begins by telling us: “The struggle for political change requires faith”. It then jumps into vignettes and clips of people holding signs and shouting (there’s a lot of shouting). The soundtrack seems to play gospel music reminiscent of the civil rights movement…

“No one is going to hold us back. I’m going to climb this mountain…”

A young woman tells an MTV reporter that “we are building an army of young people to stop the climate crisis and create millions of good jobs for our generation”. It’s a line she’s probably thrown thousands of times without recoil.

It’s also tasteless. She and her cohort army will not prevent climate change and create millions of good jobs.

It moves to more people carrying signs (and more shouting). Also more pics of AOC looking “smart” wearing her oversized glasses while making silly statements like “Some of us have to live in the future you’re all setting on fire.”

The film highlights climate activists like Rhiana Gunn-Wright making overly broad and silly statements like:

As long as you can poison people without consequence, there will always be a loophole that the fossil fuel industry can exploit.

Gunn-Wright conducts research at the intersection of climate policy, public investment, public power, and racial equity. While her voice is playing the above, she is driving a car. The interior of the car surrounding Ms. Gunn-Wright contains a lot of fossil plastics.

The trailer continues to scream a bit more and carry more signs and make more silly statements and cuts to a few more clips of AOC flailing around and making silly statements.

Critics gave ‘To The End’ brilliant Comments. Even the few “bad” reviews apologized for not liking it. 83% of critics gave it positive reviews such as “‘Till the End’ is about to inspire more Americans to take action.”

Yeah…maybe not.

“To The End” averaged $80 per screening. AOC has her fans but apparently everyone has seen her play and the rest of America isn’t interested. Even if she was right, releasing a movie at the start of a cold winter when you pretend the earth is burning seems, well, inappropriate.

I spent two minutes of my time bringing you this “review”. I haven’t been back for two minutes.

You’re welcome.

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