Apple backtracks on ambitious self-driving vehicle plans

Apple learned that it’s hard to build an autonomous vehicle, even if you’re one of the biggest tech companies in the world.

According BloombergAccording to Mark Gurman, Apple is cutting back on the design of its first self-driving car and even delaying the launch. The latest information said it will be released in 2025, but now the vehicle will be delayed until 2026.

Apple has been working on its secret AV project, dubbed “Titan,” for years. In 2021, details have emerged about the design of the vehicle without a steering wheel or pedals, which makes it really, really standalone compared to other AVs like those made by Tesla. But now it looks like Apple has been humiliated by technological constraints.

“[The project] has been in limbo for several months as Apple executives wrestle with the reality that its vision of a fully autonomous vehicle — without a steering wheel or pedals — is not achievable with current technology,” Gurman reports.

Apple has now been forced to aim a little lower, with a new vehicle marketing strategy. The tech giant’s revamped plans include an AV with a steering wheel and pedals, and all autonomous features will only be available on highways. In this scenario, the driver of the “Apple Car” would be alerted when it is time to take manual control of the steering wheel.

According to Gurman, Apple’s AV would use a combination of cameras and lidar/radar sensors, and would be powered by an on-board computer system “equivalent to about four of Apple’s high-end Mac chips combined.” The chip, made in-house by Apple engineers, is said to be at an advanced stage and almost ready for production.

Initially, the Apple AV was rumored to be priced at $120,000, but with these changes, it’s expected to sell for the bargain price of $100,000.

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