Asian markets are generally lower after hawkish comments from the Fed

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Japan +0.48%. Japan leading indicator index for January 96.5 vs. 96.9 previously.

Real wages in Japan are falling at the fastest pace since 2014 as high inflation takes its toll.

China -0.27%.

hong kong -2.16%.

Australia -0.77%.

India -0.33%.

Night in the United States, major US stock indices close sharply lower. The Dow Jones led the major averages lower, losing 574.98 points to close at 32,856.46. The S&P 500 fell 62.05 points to end at 3,986.37 and the Nasdaq fell 145.40 points to end at 11,530.33.

US finalizes plans to lift COVID-19 testing travel restrictions from China

US futures are generally higher. Dow Jones +0.03%; S&P500 +0.01%; Nasdaq -0.04%.

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