Best global travel destinations for 2023, by National Geographic

Do you want to travel? National geographic suggested 25 top destinations around the world for those looking to explore in 2023.

The recommendations, released Oct. 26, range from traditional U.S. destinations such as San Francisco and global travel hotspots including Egypt, to ecotourism spots and lesser-known sights such as Peru’s Choquequirao, the city sister to historic Machu Picchu.

“With our team of travel experts and writers, we dove deeper into places around the world that provide unique and beneficial experiences for locals and travelers: places where visitors end up supporting and supporting – and not harm – the environment of the destination and the community,” said Amy Alipio, National Geographic Travel editor, in a statement announcing the destinations.

“We’ve also worked hard to provide lesser-known gems on the list, equally inspiring alternatives to destinations that have become overcrowded,” she said.

Which US sites made National Geographic’s Best of the World 2023 list?

San Francisco is on the list of top family destinations. (The editorial teams at National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler divided their recommendations into five categories – family, adventure, culture, nature and community – with five destinations in each category.)

Utah has been listed as a notable site for adventure; Charleston, South Carolina, was chosen for its cultural efforts. Big Bend National Park in Texas has earned its place as a natural landscape; and Milwaukee was included as one of five places with extraordinary conservation, sustainability, and ecotourism initiatives.

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Big Bend National Park in far western Texas offers some of the most vivid scenery in the state.

Switzerland and Colombia among recommended family trips

Switzerland, with a public transport network that includes a biscuit train and a chocolate train, is among the five best destinations to “educate and enlighten” travelers.

Rigi Railways cogwheel trains offer dazzling views of Lake Lucerne as they ascend Mount Rigi, known as Switzerland's 'Queen of the Mountains'.

Colombia was chosen for its rich biodiversity, which lends itself to bird and wildlife watching. The Manchester Museum helped the English city, home of Manchester United Football Club, make the list. Turtles abound in Trinidad and Tobago, making the Caribbean nation a mecca for turtle tourism.

Among the highlights that landed San Francisco a spot: a new Crosstown Trail, created by volunteers, covering 27 km of the city.

Roads near Golden Gate Bridge, The Presidio, San Francisco, California, USA

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For adventure, Austria, New Zealand and Peru are places to go

For those looking for “adrenaline-soaked adventures in 2023 and beyond,” the magazine suggested the remote Inca ruins of Choquequirao in southern Peru.

Peruvian officials are spending $260 million to build a cable car to facilitate access to the ruins. But tourists who want to see them now can make the trip over 18 miles of walking trails.

Hidden in the Peruvian Andes, the Inca ruins of Choquequirao are only accessible on foot, for now.

Other sites for “your next big adventure” on the list included the western states of Austria, which have created the Bergsteigerdörfer, a network of mountaineering villages where travelers have a more authentic alpine experience.

Closer to home, Utah has five national parks and eight national monuments, making it “an adventurer’s dream destination,” National Geographic said.

Utah's rugged landscapes invite outdoor adventure, like paddleboarding the Colorado River in Moab.

Mexico’s Revillagigedo National Park, dubbed “the Galapagos of Mexico” according to National Geographic, is a scuba diver’s paradise.

Skiing, hiking and biking make New Zealand’s South Island a year-round adventure destination.

For culture, look to Egypt, Italy and South Carolina

Italy is still a top destination for tourists looking to baptize themselves in culture – some opt for the food alone. One of the recent developments cited by National Geographic to make it a 2023 travel consideration: Italian authorities are restoring the Appian Way, which stretches 360 miles from Rome to southern Italy.

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