Best Sci-Fi, Fantasy & Horror Revisited

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For some unknown and cursed reason, I decided to review Supernatural This year. Yes. All. I had only ever seen random episodes and I may have watched seasons 1-5 during a depressive episode in college, but I gave up around 2014, and by God this show lasted until 2020 and I was going to watch it. So I did. Every episode. It took six months of near-constant viewing, but I’m a fucking soldier and found ways to make it fun. From pointing out outdated gay jokes to lamenting the time when vapid gay jokes stopped coming (damn Supernatural writers, where is your courage?), I suffered, I laughed, I cried a little. This show, in so many places, really says something about Americana, masculinity, power, cycles of abuse, and fandom. And at so many other points it fails. Miserably. The end? Phew. I could get into that one, but I’m going to resist. Anyway, this year I watched every fucking moment of Great-fucking-Natural—all 356 episodes—and I don’t even regret the second one. RIP Dean Winchester, you will always be famous. -Linda Codega

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