CBS authenticates Hunter Biden’s laptop, reports bus wheels are coming for Joe

On October 14, 2020, in the heat of the 2020 presidential election, the New York Post released a blockbuster. They had in their possession a laptop that Joe Biden’s dissolute, degenerate asshole, Hunter, had dumped at a Delaware computer repair store. The content was overwhelming. They conclusively showed that Joe Biden was not merely an arm’s length recipient of payments from the opportunities for bribery and bribery business opportunities he had placed in Hunter’s way. Joe Biden was an active member of the Biden Crime Family.

Almost immediately, leftist media and tech companies locked down dainty little arms and refused to admit anything existed. The New York Times examined the laptop, found no evidence it had been tampered with, but claimed they could not check emails as they could not review emails sent from sending accounts or such bullshit they never use as a standard before hammering conservatives.

Shortly after the original New York Post report, “a group of 51 former senior intelligence officials” signed a letter saying it had “all the classic hallmarks of a Russian information operation.” (See Ex-CIA Officer David Priess Defends Signing Infamous ‘Hunter Biden Laptop’ Letter and Shows He Thinks You’re Stupid for the way this is shot.)

Twitter and Facebook sprang into action. Facebook blocked the sharing of the story. Twitter has categorized the laptop hardware as the proceeds of “hacking” – because the very definition of hacking is leaving a laptop in a repair shop, refusing to pay the repair bill, and having it repaired. take possession from the owner – and prevented any link to the New York Post history of circulating on this platform.

Now, with Republicans back in control in the House and an ongoing investigation into the Biden Crime Family (There’s nothing wrong with House Republicans investigating Hunter Biden), despite the lamentations of some people who I’m sure like to lose because it’s more lucrative, you can see the first cracks in the wall of media silence.

This is from Monday’s edition of CBS Morning. As National Pulse Editor Raheem Kassam said on Twitter:

SURPRISE!!! Two years after many of us broke a lot of news and independently authenticated Hunter Biden’s laptop, CBS News is saying “Yes, it’s true, and it’s bad!” They even regurgitate stories we did 2 years ago! I can’t make this up!

I think there are two things to take away from this report.

First, the battle over the authenticity of the laptop and its contents is over. No outlet or serious person disputes this. There is evidence that the fight will be over the actual meaning of the documents in the laptop. As my colleague Jeff Charles wrote in Media covers Hunter Biden after House Republicans announce investigation, they argue that the emails that clearly show that Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business do not show it at all. In other words, it’s something like the Benghazi audiences.

Second, by admitting the laptop is legit, the media is setting up a situation where Joe Biden is going to be damaged. I think that’s intentional, because everyone knows the only way to keep Joe off the 2024 ticket is through his voluntary withdrawal or the Grim Reaper. Covering the laptop story lets Biden know what he’ll face when he runs, so they think he’ll be encouraged to step aside.

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