Conservatives blast Twitter blacklist, Elon promises big changes

We just reported about the release of Twitter Files Part II. This release is about blacklisting, or what we now call “shadowbanning”.

As journalist Bari Weiss detailed, conservative figures like Charlie Kirk and Dan Bongino were “blacklisted” with the visibility of what they said suppressed. Other people who said things against the narrative, such as for COVID, were also blacklisted, even if they were prominent scientists, like Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

This was all happening, even though Twitter denied it was happening. They claimed they didn’t have a phantom ban, and they certainly didn’t do it based on political ideology. Yet the files confirm that it was happening.

Here’s what Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, told Dave Rubin in 2020.

See, it wasn’t really removing or disallowing shadows, just “visibility filtering”. No one could see what you were saying.

Here’s the lie, in 2018.

Conservatives, especially those who have been found to have been blacklisted, were outraged.

Indeed, they probably knew this was coming, and that’s why Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tweeted about taking “action” against Twitter for “hate speech” — without evidence and in violation of everything we understand about the government not being involved in speech suppression.

That last tweet was so true, as we saw in 2020 with the Hunter Biden laptop story that may have impacted the election.

Libs of TikTok was also on the list.

Now, the next thing that needs to be dropped is how involved Democrats have been in this blacklist.

As I wrote the other day, America First Legal has revealed that there is a “secret portal” between Twitter and the government to do things like suppress COVID “misinformation”.

Who are the Nazis and Fascists here? Hint: it wasn’t the Republicans who were trying to control and shut down the floor.

But Musk said new changes were coming, promising transparency to show people if they’ve ever been shadowbanned; if they have been in the past, there will be information on how to appeal.

Given the potential extent of censorship here, it would be difficult to estimate how much this may have interfered with elections and all sorts of other discourse, in the United States and around the world. That’s why this reveal and reaction from Musk is so monumental: The level playing field is now, and that’s why the left is so panicked.

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