DeepMind has created an AI tool that can help generate raw movie and scene scripts

Have you ever dreamed up an idea for a movie or play that you know will be a smash hit, but you haven’t had time to write the script? Alphabet’s DeepMind has built an AI tool that can help you get started. is a so-called “co-writing” tool that can generate character descriptions, plot points, location descriptions, and dialogue. The idea is that human writers will be able to compile, edit, and rewrite what Dramatron comes up with in a suitable script. Think of it as ChatGPTbut with output that you can edit into a blockbuster movie script.

To start, you will need and, if you want to reduce the risk of Dramatron producing “offensive text”, a . To test Dramatron, I fed the journal line for a movie idea I had when I was about 15 that absolutely would have been a success if Kick ass didn’t get ahead of me. Dramatron quickly concocted a title that made sense, along with descriptions of characters, scenes, and settings. The AI-generated dialogue was logical but mundane and on the nose. Otherwise, it was almost as if Dramatron pulled the descriptions straight out of my head, including one for a scene I didn’t touch on in the log line.

The playwrights seemed to agree, according to that the team behind Dramatron . To test the tool, the researchers called on 15 playwrights and screenwriters to co-write screenplays. According to the article, the playwrights said they would not use the tool to create a full play and found that the AI ​​output can be formulaic. However, they suggested that Dramatron would be useful for world-building or to help them explore other approaches in terms of changing plot elements or characters. They noted that AI could also be useful for “creative idea generation”.

That said, a playwright which used “heavily edited and rewritten scripts” which they wrote with the help of Dramatron. DeepMind in the performance, experienced actors with improvisational skills “brought meaning to Dramatron’s scripts through acting and interpretation”.

AI tool usage may increase and who (or what) should get credit for a script. Last year, a UK appeals court ruled that artificial intelligence as an inventor on a patent. DeepMind notes that Dramatron may produce fragments of text that were used to train the language model, which if used in a script that was produced could lead to accusations of plagiarism. “A possible mitigation is for the human co-author to search for substrings from the outputs to help identify plagiarism,” DeepMind said.

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