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It’s an absolute bombshell of a story – Twitter, the social media home of journalists and politicians, censored a damaging story about Joe Biden’s son in the weeks leading up to the 2020 presidential election, clearly affecting the result. On Friday evening, Twitter owner Elon Musk posted the smoking gun: files proving that Twitter engineers deliberately shut down any mention of the New York Post Biden Hunter »laptop from hell” story knowing that it was actually true.

After years of denouncing “Russian influence” in our elections and lambasting Republicans for questioning the election results (although new Democratic House leader Hakeem Jeffries is one of the great deniers of all time), you would think the media would publish full coverage of this outrageous and undemocratic action by the social media bluebird.

Not so. As of 8:11 p.m. PST, more than 5 hours after the news began Matt Taibbi’s Twitter account (an event announced well in advance by Musk), the Usual Suspects in Journalism barely found space in their pages to mention it. A summary :

New York Times: No mention of censorship on the homepage of its website. Instead, the single article was titled “Twitter continues to miss ad targets as woes mount.”

The Washington Post: Their only Twitter mention was, “Gio Reyna played seven minutes. This World Cup, he is the topic of conversation on Soccer Twitter.

The Los Angeles Times: “You have been suspended from Twitter for violating the rules on incitement to violence, says Musk.” No mention of Hunter Biden or censorship or election interference.

CNN“Kanye West’s Twitter account has been suspended after Elon Musk said he violated the rule against inciting violence.” At the very bottom of the page, another story was titled, “Twitter emails released show how employees debated how to handle New York Post 2020 Hunter Biden story.” This is a classic headliner. Employees didn’t just “debate” the Hunter Biden story, they actively plotted to have it quashed. Talk about fake news.

Policy mentioned the story in the sidebar with a weird headline: ‘It’ll be awesome: Musk leaks Hunter Biden Twitter files.’ How can Musk ‘leak’ Twitter files? The leak implies that Elon s snuck out in the dark of night like Watergate’s Deep Throat and showed secret documents to reporters in a garage. He owns Twitter, so he owns the files. The correct wording is that Musk published the files.

The Associated press, meanwhile, buried any mention of Twitter deep on its homepage and did not mention Hunter’s Ukrainian deals, flights on Air Force Two to China with then-Vice President Joe Biden , payments to the “Big Guy”, or anything similar. Instead, they went with these two stories:

  • Musk says Twitter suspended rapper Ye over swastika post
  • EU warns Musk to tighten controls on Twitter ahead of new rules

Compare this with FoxNewswhose main story was “Democrat Rep. Ro Khanna raised concerns over Twitter’s censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop story”, or Breitbart, whose header was, “‘Everyone Knew It Was Fucked Up.’ Elon Musk posts internal Twitter conversations about Hunter Biden laptop censorship.

Statusred and its sister site City hall devoted several of their best articles to the blatant interference in the elections. The washington time and the Drudge Report also had Hunter’s story as its main title – unsurprisingly – the New York Post have also made it their priority.

It surprised me a bit that the the wall street journal hadn’t mentioned the shocking new developments at the time of this writing.

Last month I wrote a opinion piece titled “Why are we so polarized? “Blindspot” shows how Americans live in completely different realities. The article was about a very cool website, News from the fieldwhich shows how many game stories get left versus right or in what they call central outlets based on their political views. Statusred is no stranger to this: we serve a conservative audience, but we’re open (and proud) about it. The difference with so many other sources is that they lack sincerity in their approaches; they serve you a liberal assortment while telling you it’s straight news.

This roundup is just a snapshot in time, and the websites mentioned will surely be updated. But it shows that the 800-pound gorillas of “journalism” don’t even need censorship – they just censor themselves and ignore news they don’t like. In what should be one of the greatest stories of our lifetime – politicians’ (successful) attempts to collude with one of the world’s most influential tech companies to influence the 2020 presidential election – they are MIA.

News from the field reported when Elon Musk announced he would release the internal files that only 11% of the coverage was on the left. So it’s not really surprising that once the news broke, they showed that less than 20% of the coverage leaned to the left (their center/right definitions may be amusing for those of us who are conservative , but give them credit for pointing out the bias at all).

It’s appalling. The “danger to democracy” that the mainstream media and Democrats have been shouting about for months is not the Republicans, it is the dishonest American media itself.

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