Did Roxanne Perez get injured at NXT Roadblock? Reason for disturbing collapse potentially revealed

NXT Women’s Champion Roxanne Perez gave the NXT Roadblock a stunning performance. She survived a barrage of kicks and deadly submission holds to retain her title against Meiko Satomura. However, the public was not ready for the sequel.

Amid the celebration, the 21-year-old collapsed in the ring face first. This prompted Booker T, Meiko Satomura and other medical officials to attend to the champion. Perez claimed to have put his health on the line to retain gold at NXT Roadblock.

Roxanne Perez’s injury at NXT Roadblock has fans concerned for her well-being. Luckily, the whole meltdown storyline was an angled take with Shawn Michaels on RAW in the mid-90s. Similar to HBK, Perez received multiple blows to the head, which resulted in kayfabe’s injury.

Scary moment for Roxanne Perez! Booker T left the announcers’ table to watch her. She left on a stretcher and a neck brace 😢. Please be a job 🙏 #WWENXT https://t.co/sE1Qgh7gUw

As fans have pointed out, Roxanne Perez’s injury at NXT Roadblock is kayfabe because the referee didn’t show the dreaded X sign. of the scenario. WWE takes head injuries seriously and if Perez had suffered one, several reports would have hit the wrestling pod by now.

Following the angle of injury, Roxanne was placed under tensioner while wearing a neck brace. WWE released an update on her condition, but they did not reveal what injury she is facing. This question is probably for next week.

UPDATE: Roxanne Perez will be kept overnight in the hospital for observation and further testing.#WWENXT

The Prodigy is on a dream run on the NXT roster. Since the dethronement Mandy Rose in December, she held the title for 78 days. WWE has big plans for the youngster as evidenced by her win over veteran Satomura.

NXT Roadblock: What’s next for Roxanne Perez after injury angle?

WWE brilliantly showcased Roxanne’s determination and strategic mindset to NXT Roadblock while honoring a WWE Hall of Famer. Perez has all the tools to be a dominant champion, but her development story is vital.

The injury angle put Roxanne Perez in a major way. She can now sport the neck brace as a reminder of her heroism. Her participation in Stand and Deliver is unknown, although the injury could mean she will be out of the ring for a while.

Nevertheless, The Prodigy has an online challenger. Tiffany Stratton claimed her claim to the Women’s Championship before Roadblock rolled out. It remains to be seen whether the showdown will be booked for April 1 or a later date.

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