Disability and discovery of the image of God in each person

Have you ever wondered how to talk about disability with your children? Do you want your kids to not feel uncomfortable around those with special needs or disabilities, but you don’t know how to interact or what to say and don’t want to say or do the wrong thing?

In this week’s episode of The Crystal Paine Show, I have a really fantastic conversation with Laura Wifler on this topic. We not only share practical insights into how we have appreciated others approaching and interacting with us and our children with disabilities, but we talk about the gift our children have been to our homes and families and how this has deeply affected us. changed and impacted. – despite the really difficult parts.

Laura Wifler is the author of the new children’s book titled Like Me: A Story About Disability and Discovering the Image of God in Each Person and is also the general manager of resurrected motherhooda non-profit organization that helps mothers connect their faith to their motherhood.

Laura shares ideas on how to react when your children are curious about children with disabilities, giving great advice on how to behave and what to say when your child asks questions about children you they perceive as different. She also opens up and powerfully proclaims the truths of God when it comes to overcoming the challenges and difficulties that come with having a disabled child. We also talk about how culture often defines success in a certain way, but how our kids gave us such a different perspective.

Whether you have a disabled child or know someone who does or just want to know how to better understand and walk with someone who has a disabled child, this is a very important conversation to listen to and I think you I will come out of it deeply moved and encouraged.

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In this episode

[01:09] – Laura Wifler is the guest of the day!

[01:43] – A bit about Laura and her family.

[02:48] – Since when resurrected motherhood exist ?

[03:24] – Laura explains what inspired her new book Like me.

[07:31] – How to interact with people with disabilities.

[12:50] – Laura reminds us that life is not always about comfort.

[16:08] – Listen to some examples of questions that Laura often receives.

[17:55] – How Laura is going through difficult days.

[21:34] – Laura explains how she dealt with wondering how God could allow disabilities.

[25:02] – Success is not measured by ability.

[29:43] – Only one thing in common is needed to build a friendship.

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