Disney Cruise Concierge: What You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about going on a Disney cruise? Although pricey, Disney cruises offer top-notch entertainment for the whole family, including spectacular events like shows and character meet-and-greets. But there’s more than one way to book a Disney cruise.

For those ready to splurge, Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms offer a superior experience and a host of added perks.

What is a Disney Cruise Concierge?

When you book a Disney cruise, you have the option of choosing from a variety of different staterooms. The cheapest are located inside the ship and have no windows. Those that cost a little more have ocean views or verandas, and the most expensive rooms are the Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms.

In addition to better rooms, those who book at the concierge level can expect additional perks, such as exclusive access to an onboard lounge, a personal concierge, and better access to onboard reservations.

Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms

The type of room you receive when booking at the Concierge Level will vary depending on the ship you are sailing on, but in general you can expect a larger room than others you find. This can include a one-bedroom suite, a two-bedroom suite, or even a 1,000 square foot royal suite.

  • Disney Dream: This ship offers a Family Oceanview Concierge Stateroom with lanai that sleeps five and a 1-Bedroom Concierge Suite with lanai that sleeps five. Both offer wheelchair accessible options. There is also the Concierge Royal Suite with veranda which can accommodate five people.

  • Disney Fantasy: This ship offers identical room types as the Disney Dream.

  • Disney wish: The Disney Wish ship offers several other concierge-level room options, including the Royal Concierge 1-Story Suite with Lanai, Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom with Lanai, Concierge Family Oceanview Stateroom, 1-Bedroom Concierge Suite with Lanai, Concierge Suite 1-Bedroom Extended Cabin Verandah, Concierge 2-Story Royal Suite with Verandah and the ultra-luxurious Concierge Wish Tower Suite. The 1-story Royal Concierge Suite with Verandah and the 2-story Royal Concierge Suite with Verandah sleep six, while the Wish Tower Concierge Suite sleeps eight. All other rooms sleep five, and wheelchair-accessible versions are available.

  • Disney Magic: There are four concierge-level room options on the Disney Magic: Concierge Royal Suite with Verandah (sleeps 7), Concierge 1-Bedroom Suite with Verandah (sleeps 5), Concierge 2-Bedroom Suite with Verandah (sleeps 7), and Concierge Family Oceanview Cabin with lanai (sleeps five). Wheelchair accessible options are available for the 1 Bedroom Concierge Suite with Lanai.

Disney Cruise Concierge Benefits

So what kind of benefits will you receive if you book a concierge level room? Have you ever booked a club level room in a hotel? Many of these benefits are the same, although you receive even more when booking a Disney Concierge Room.

Here is a complete list of Disney Cruise Concierge Level benefits.

Because a Disney cruise already includes an extensive level of amenities, it’s hard to add more value to your booking; even so, Disney’s concierge-level rooms do just that by making your trip easier at every opportunity. This means you can expect better service and priority access virtually anywhere you go.

Those in a concierge room also have access to a dedicated lounge stocked with snacks and drinks. Even better, in the evening you can enjoy free alcoholic drinks, which are notoriously expensive on cruises.

🤓Nerdy tip

Disney allows you to take up to two bottles of wine or six bottles of beer with you on your cruise. You can also restock during port calls, saving you money on board.

The most important benefit you will receive is priority access to onboard reservations. Guests have the option to book additional activities during their cruise, but the time frame varies depending on your room type and your Disney Cruise Elite status at Castaway Club.

Those at the lowest will be able to book activities 90 days before departure. Disney Cruise Concierge Rooms, meanwhile, can begin booking 120 days in advance, giving them first-hand information on each activity. The concierge team will make reservations on your behalf, giving you the opportunity to relax and unwind.

Here are some examples of activities you can book in advance:

  • Restaurant reservations for adults only in Palo or Remy (only on Dream and Fantasy).

You can also make seating requests in the dining room and other special occasions.

Is a Disney Cruise Concierge Worth It?

Is it worth booking a Disney Cruise concierge level room? There is no right answer to this personal question. Before booking one of these rooms, there are a few questions to consider:

  • How much do you value your time? Early boarding lets you board first and skip most lines during your cruise.

  • Are you traveling with children? A private encounter can be the difference between queuing for a photo and spending a little more time with a character.

  • What types of activities do you plan to do? At Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island, cabanas are notoriously difficult to book. Purchasing a Concierge Level room gives you first access to these coveted spots.

But what about the cost involved? To examine the price difference, we compared the cost of two different staterooms on a four-night Disney cruise from San Diego.

The cheapest room available when we arrived was $1135 for two adults. At around 170 square feet, there’s not a whole lot of room to move around. There is also no window as this is an interior room.

The cheapest concierge room, meanwhile, was $3,431 for two adults. At this rate you would have a cabin, not a suite, although you would have your own private lanai and almost twice as much space. This is in addition to all the benefits you will receive as a concierge level booking.

Is it a smart money move to spend three times as much to get a concierge room? There are some pretty big benefits, after all. However, at this rate, you could buy yourself two more cruises and still have some money in your pocket.

If you want to maximize your time aboard a Disney cruise, a concierge reservation might be worth considering. You might also want to consider this option if it’s a once-in-a-lifetime event, as you’ll want first-time access to all the goodies provided by Disney.

If you want to book a Disney Cruise concierge room

There’s no denying that Disney cruises in style. However, concierge rooms exist on a different level, and while they can be pricey, these rooms also prove their worth with a variety of perks.

Before deciding on your Disney cruise reservation, consider whether you’ll be able to take advantage of the amenities offered with a concierge-level room. Otherwise, save the cash and splurge on your own activities — or a few other cruises — and enjoy your Disney experience for less.

Image courtesy of Disney Cruise Line.

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