Donald Trump Jr. was behind the plan to use state legislatures to nullify the election

The vast criminality behind Trump’s efforts to nullify the 2020 election extended to his son Donald Trump Jr.

Talking Points Memo has more texts by Mark Meadows.

Donald Trump Jr. texted Meadows:

It’s very simple If, ​​through our lawsuits and counts, each state’s secretary of state cannot “certify” that the states are voting, the state assemblies can step in and vote to propose the voters list. The Republicans control Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, North Carolina, etc. get Trump voters There’s a safe harbor on December 8th if for some reason you miss voters can’t meet in individual state capitols on December 14th So we either have a vote that WE control and WE win OR it returns to Congress on January 6, 2021 House meets to vote�- by state party delegation� 1 vote per state California 1; Montana 1 Republicans control 28 states Democrats 22 states Once again Trump wins Senate votes for Vice President Pence wins Summary We have many paths We hold them all We have operational control Full leverage Morale High Ground POTUS to start 2nd term now Fire Wray; Set fire to Faucci Make Grennel the acting head of the FBI Have Barr select a special prosecutor from the Hell Biden crime family’s HardDrive.

Donald Trump Jr. talked about operational control as if the will of the people was something that could be ignored and twisted to suit the needs of an incumbent president who lost an election.

Trump Jr. is as dangerous as his father because he shares the same contempt for democracy. The Trumps don’t want power so they can govern and do things for the American people.

The Trump family wants power because it guarantees them wealth.

Even after Donald Trump is gone, his children could continue the war on democracy, and Donald Trump Jr.’s messages to Mark Meadows reveal that he is also a threat to American democracy and national security.

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