Elon Musk’s $8 Twitter Blue subscription launches again on Monday

As previously reported, the subscription will cost $8 per month to purchase on the web or $11 per month through the iOS App Store to offset the up to 30% commission Apple takes on in-app purchases. This time, anyone paying for Blue who wants to display a “verified” checkmark on their profile will need to register a phone number first, and changing your “username, display name, or profile picture” will remove label until your account is reviewed again. .

In a thread on Twitter, the company says subscribers will get access to the blue profile tick as well as a number of features, including the ability to edit tweets, upload 1080p videos, and access reader mode. The company lists fewer announcements and priorities in search and responds as “coming soon”.

Esther Crawford, product manager at Twitter, says the company add requirement to verify phone before users get a blue tick to combat identity theft.

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