‘Endless Dungeon’ release date pushed back to October 19

I can’t wait to play Endless dungeon next month? Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait six more months to play the roguelite dual-stick shooter, because Amplitude Studios and Sega have pushed back its release date to October 19. It was previously slated for a 2022 launch, but the developer finally announced a Launch date of May 18, 2023 for PC (Steam and Epic), Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. In a post announcing their decision, the team said they felt it was important to spend more time working on the game after all the feedback they received during all of their OpenDev sessions. They also promised to announce a release date for the Nintendo Switch at a later date.

In addition to fixing bugs and issues that testers had discovered, the developers plan to use the extra time to improve some of the key elements of the game. They are working to make player progression less random and more organic, and they tweak the economy so that all three resources – namely science, food, and industry – feel important to the game. they explained. They also incorporate smaller changes, such as differentiating neighborhoods from each other and improving some aspects of the game’s multiplayer mode.

If you decide to wait instead of canceling your pre-order, you can get three additional free skins for Comrade, Fassie, and Shroom. They will also be available at no additional cost to first-time buyers when the game releases for a limited time. Note that since Endless dungeon has been delayed, its planned closed beta, which you can access if you buy the Last Wish edition, will also be pushed back to September.

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