Eric Swalwell nails Jim Jordan for tweeting in favor of Kanye West

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) asked Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) if he disavowed a tweet from the GOP House Judiciary Committee where he is the most senior member.


Swalwell asked Jordan if he spoke out against the tweet supporting Kanye West, and the Republican replied, “That tweet was not on our account. This tweet has been deleted.

Jordan did not mention that the tweet had been on the House GOP Judiciary Committee account for 55 days.

Even in his response to Swalwell, Rep. Jordan did not denounce the Hitler-loving Kanye West.

Is it so difficult for an elected Republican to publicly say that Nazis are bad and that they don’t like Nazis?

Alex Jones was able to do it, so it shouldn’t be hard for the new chairman of the House Judiciary Committee to say that the Nazis are bad and that he doesn’t support or like Hitler.

In a nine-second video clip, Jim Jordan gave the American people a glimpse of how he will run the House Judiciary Committee, which didn’t bode well for the American people.

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