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Fetterman does his first post-depression interview and raises a host of questions

Fetterman does his first post-depression interview and raises a host of questions

John Fetterman has finally freed from the hospital after suffering a stroke severe depression. The Pennsylvania senator has long been at the center of controversy surrounding his ailing health, primarily centered around the massive stroke he suffered before the 2022 election.

Since then, Fetterman has deteriorated in a way that would have led to immediate calls for his resignation had he not been a member of the Democratic Party. He can’t speak properly, he can’t understand others well, and he relies on a closed captioning device to communicate.

It’s good to be a Democrat, though, and the press has been racing to cover it since day one. It continued on Friday with an interview with CBS News that only raised a host of questions.

For starters, is this guy a US senator or not? I’m not trying to minimize his condition. Quite the contrary, but the Senate is no place to fight depression, much less serious health issues that impede communication. The question is not how brave Fetterman supposedly is. It’s about whether he can do his job, and he obviously can’t. This should be the main issue for every interviewer. Instead, they shower him with praise while helping him hide his true condition. It’s dystopian.

After that, a lot of people noticed where Fetterman’s eyes went during the interview. Not only does it read the questions on some sort of monitor just off-screen (which CBS News is careful not to show), but it also reads its answers quite clearly. Her eyes remain glued to the screen the entire time, with only passing glances at the interviewer herself.

There was also eleven various editing cuts in the 45-second clip released by CBS News. Let me repeat it. There was eleven cuts in less than a minute.

These changes were not made solely for promotional purposes. These were ready-made cuts during a only question. For what? Because Fetterman takes the time to read his monitor and often loses his train of thought. CBS News, instead of being honest with its audience, tries to hide this fact.

Does this sound like something an honest press would do? If it was a Republican, would they bend over backwards to cover up how bad things are? We all know the answer to that. Fetterman is not fit to be a US senator. It was easy for everyone to see him during the campaign, and he’s even worse now. Really, there’s nothing the Democratic Party won’t do to retain power.

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