Fife’s Heritage Coast is the latest subject of Trinity Travel Talk in Clitheroe

the kingdom of Fife is at the heart of Scottish history. Steuart and Anita explored this heritage coast, mostly on foot, from the iconic Forth Rail Bridge to the ‘infamous’ Tay Rail Bridge, visiting picturesque castles and harbors including Anstruther and Crail, and staying in the historic town from St Andrew’s with its ancient cathedral and university and famous pristine golf courses.

The conference will take place from 7:30 p.m. on Friday, November 18 at Trinity Methodist in Parson Lane.

Steuart said: “Our adventure began under the Forth Railway Bridge and although I have seen it several times I was amazed at the huge amount of steel beams and the diameter of the tubular components.

The famous Forth Railway Bridge

“The designers had to convince the public that it was safe to cross as the bridge was built just after the Tay Railway Bridge collapsed. When we reached the Tay Bridge we could see the lower part of the supports concrete from the original bridge.”

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Anita said: “I really enjoyed walking along the calm sections of this coast among the spring flowers and seeing the attractive and spectacular scenery around Elijah.”

This series of Trinity Travel Talks includes a wide variety of topics, including our upcoming conference A Hundred Miles Walk through Norfolk on Friday January 13, 2023, and Malta and Gozo Spring Walk on Friday February 3, 2023. Brochures with all details are available on Trinity Methodist Church and Community Hub and the Platform Gallery.

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