Fox News complains Dominion court filing contains ‘misinformation’, but where’s the proof?

Is it when Murdoch said, in his deposition in the case, that he shared confidential information about the Biden campaign ad with Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, because “I was trying to help Mr. Kushner” who is “a of my friends” ? Did Fox say that part was wrong?

Or maybe Fox News’ PR department is gearing up to claim that Maria Bartiromo didn’t text Steve Bannon, “I want to see massive fraud exposed… I told my team that we weren’t allowed to tell elected officials to [all]. Not in scripts or on-air banners. Until it goes to court.

Then there was the moment Sean Hannity texted Steve Doocy, saying, “You don’t piss off the base,” and Doocy replied, referring to what passes for a news division at Fox, “They don’t care. They are JOURNALISTS. It wasn’t the only time prominent figures of the night complained about the news division. Carlson and Ingraham exchanged texts complaining that a Fox News anchor dared to debunk allegations of voter fraud by Trump lawyer Sidney Powell and Ingraham at one point blamed the news division for hearing difficulties, texting, “My anger at the news channel is spoken.”

So what do the attorneys defending Fox News have to say in this case? Because these are all things the Dominion docs have documented, and if Fox wants to assert that Dominion is doing things “truly beyond pallor”, it stands to reason that network attorneys must be on the verge of discredit all of this…one way or another, right? It would be a big deal, legally speaking, if Dominion made this up, and you’d think Fox’s attorneys would already be on the case. Fox News filings from last month seeking summary judgment didn’t do the casenor did the spokesperson’s vague allegations.

Dominion shows its evidence, and the evidence is strong. Fox News isn’t showing us anything yet. It’s just bluster, with a target audience of its regular audience. Dominion is lying, not us, spokespersons say. Everyone lies anyway, say the guests and hosts. It’s time for them to show proof. We will wait.


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