Good limits and goodbyes (with Lysa TerKeurst)

Today’s guest on the Crystal Paine Show is someone who has already been in the series and you all loved this episode. So when the opportunity arose to have her back on the show once again, I jumped at it, especially when I saw the title of her new book, Good Boundaries and Farewells: Loving Others Without Losing the Best of Who You Are!

In this episode, Lysa TerKeurst explains where she gets her ideas for her books, mainly her struggles and what they show her that she needs to improve and work on. It also specifies what the word borders means to her and how she learned what boundaries are from the Bible, the difference between being selfish and exercising self-control, how boundaries help prevent unpleasant extremes, and what to do if those extremes happen anyway , And much more.

I appreciate Lysa so much for her friendship, for being on the show, and for writing this new book. If you’re someone who has trouble setting boundaries with people and/or feels like you’re being selfish if and when you do, then I highly recommend picking up a copy!

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In this episode

[00:35] – I am so honored to have a repeat guest today, Lysa TerKeurst!

[03:45] – What does the word “frontiers” mean to Lysa?

[06:28] – Lysa shares how to implement accountability.

[07:56] – How does Lysa determine someone’s level of responsibility?

[10:48] – Lysa explains what can happen due to the absence of borders.

[13:41] – How do we set boundaries while serving and helping others?

[14:34] – Lysa points out the difference between selfishness and self-control.

[18:00] – How to set limits without moving away from the people you love?

[20:15] – What do the boundaries look like if we live with the person?

[22:52] – What happens if you set a limit with someone and they respond negatively?

[25:27] – Lysa explains how trying to control someone makes us feel trapped.

[30:43] – Lysa’s insight applies to everything relationships in our lives.

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