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Here’s the Sports Emmys version of Deadspin

Here’s the Sports Emmys version of Deadspin

Image for article titled The Sports Emmys are missing, so Deadspin is here to pick up the slack

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“Food is fuel and nothing more.” — Dan Orlovsky.

I know I need to be more disciplined with my diet, but I have these things called taste buds. If they aren’t properly sated at least once a day, my whole evening is wasted. I can’t think of anything but an unsatisfactory meal day.

Also, I don’t take the dietary advice of a 40-year-old who puts ice cubes in his red wine. Therefore, he can keep his unseasoned chicken to himself. Dan, a little paprika won’t hurt you.

Then, when he turns to junk food, his catch is always waste. Her favorite cakes/treats are oat cream pies and nut bars. Although the Nutty Bars weren’t that good, what followed was truly atrocious. Orlvosky tweeted that none of the others are edible. No Swiss Roll, cupcake or even honey brioche?

Boo this man!

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