Huntington Beach Elementary School principal commits suicide at Disneyland

Orange County, Calif. – A Huntington Beach school principal died by suicide Saturday at Disneyland.

Christopher Christensen, 51, jumped out of the Mickey & Friends parking lot on Saturday.

Christensen said he was falsely accused of child endangerment by his wife in a Facebook post before jumping to his death.

“Marlena and I love and adore each other and our relationship has been amazing…until recently,” Christensen posted on Facebook.


“Unfortunately two weeks ago she and I had a heated argument at home in front of the girls,” Christen said, admitting “tempers flared and strong words were exchanged.”

“However, never in this exchange did I hit, slap or hurt Marlena in any way. I also never touched the girls (never have and never will)” , did he declare.

“Unfortunately Marlena’s anger got the better of her that night and she called the police which landed me in jail that night. Yes me! A man who never hit or hurt NOBODY in his life! he wrote.

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According to court records, Christensen was scheduled to appear in court on two counts of child endangerment.

Christensen pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Fox 11 reported:

The principal of a Huntington Beach elementary school has died after jumping out of a parking lot at Disneyland, officials say.

Christopher Christensen, 51, died on Saturday. According to Anaheim Police, a call came in just before 9 p.m. to a parking structure at Disneyland. When officers arrived, they found a dead man. On Sunday, the Orange County coroner confirmed the man was Christensen. According to officials, Christensen’s death was a suicide.

Christensen was the principal of William T. Newland Elementary School in Huntington Beach, beginning that school year. He spent a total of 22 years with the Fountain Valley School District, including serving as principal of Roch Courrèges Elementary School, Fulton Middle School, and the since-closed Moiola K-8 School.

“Mr. Christensen has been a respected leader of the FVSD for over 20 years,” Fountain Valley Superintendent Katherine Stopp said in an email to the school community. “His contributions to this community are immeasurable. He was a father, husband, brother and friend to so many His passing leaves us devastated and heartbroken.

The district said it will also provide counselors and mental health professionals at all campuses in the district who are dealing with the loss.

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