Ivanka is sad her friends don’t like her anymore just because her dad tried to end America

A source told The Post on Thursday that going forward, she just wants a “normal life” for her family with her husband and fellow Trump administration adviser Jared Kushner.

“Ivanka hated all criticism and threats, and resented how many of their friends turned their backs on them,” the source said of her time in the political spotlight during Trump’s presidency.

Oh my god, that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever heard, not counting this time Martin Shkreli went to jail. Ivanka lost her friends from high society simply because she worked and unconditionally supported a guy who forcibly separated babies from their mothers, tried to turn our country into a police stateand convinced millions of vulnerable Americans to avoid basic public health measures that save lives, leading to thousands of tragic, unnecessary and totally preventable deaths? I feel bad for her! And now this same guy wants to go back to the job he showed no interest in doing? How mortifying.

The JobIvanka’s source also noted that Ivanka and Jared haven’t gained any friends working for her father and that she “now wants as normal a life as she can arrange it for herself and her family. .. she is unhappy to become a political target”.

It must be nice to work a few years in a job with no defined responsibilities, watch your husband collect $2 billion for his troubles, then retire to Florida for a more or less permanent vacation. Because everything is “normal”. Meanwhile, the rest of us are forced to root like concussed truffle hogs through endless piles of smoldering rubble for extremely rare shreds of “normal.” But hey, as long as Ivanka is having fun.

Sadly, that’s the most likely reason why Ivanka decided to snub her dad over his recent big announcement that he really liked having legal immunity and an attorney general who acted more like a mob consigliere than a a civil servant, then he’s going to torture us all for a few more years at least. It’s not that he’s a horrible ogre; it’s that his gruesome, ogre-like behavior makes his trips to the Hamptons slightly less enjoyable.

After all, being asked to appear with the guy who literally tried to end America kinda sucks when you’re trying really hard not to be an outcast so you get mealy claims like this:

“I love my dad very much. This time around, I’m choosing to prioritize my young children and the privacy we create as a family.

“While I will always love and support my father, in the future I will do so outside of the political arena. I am grateful to have had the honor of serving the American people and will always be proud of the many achievements of our administration.

Yes, they accomplished a lot – $2 billion, to be precise. And they served two Americans with unparalleled dedication. The other 330 million of us are still waiting their turn, but I’m sure they’ll join us as soon as Vanky finds the perfect couch for his home.

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