Joe Biden to decide on second term ‘soon’ after New Year’s: Top aide

WASHINGTON: President Joe Biden will decide whether he will seek a second term in 2024 “soon” after the new year, his chief of staff, Ron Kleinsaid Monday.
Speaking at the Wall Street Journal CEO Council Summit, Klain said Biden had consulted his family. At 80, he is already the oldest president in US history and if he served a second term, he would be 86 when he steps down.
Klain, one of the most influential people in Washington to comment on the issue, said in an interview with the Journal that he thought “it’s his intention to run.”
“I hear a lot of Democrats across the country saying they want him to run,” Klain said. “But the president will make that decision, I think, shortly after the holidays, but I think the decision will be to do that.”
Currently, the only declared candidate for the 2024 election is donald trumpthe Republican whom Biden defeated in 2020 — and who continues to spread made-up conspiracy theories about the election being rigged against him.
Biden has given strong indications that he will run again, while leaving open the possibility that he may not, saying he is a “great acceptor of fate.”
On Nov. 9, after his Democrats did surprisingly well in the midterm elections, he said he “intends to run” but will know for sure “by the start of the year. next”.

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