Josh Hawley suggests the entire Clinton family should be jailed in retaliation for Trump’s accusations

Senator Josh Hawley thinks the entire Clinton family should be in jail because Trump has been criminally charged.


Hawley told Sean Hannity:

Look what Hillary Clinton did by setting up a server in her home with the deliberate purpose of hiding thousands of emails that have been classified if we’re going to prosecute on this basis Hillary should have been in jail a long time ago. Bill Clinton, you talk about buying people, he’s a guy who spent money buying off a lot of people who had incriminating information against him.

The entire Clinton family should be in jail based on these charges against Donald Trump, which seem to be totally made up by me. it is a totally false crime that no one has ever heard of before. No, it’s a two-tier justice system, it’s an attack on the rule of law and whether we’re talking about targeting Christians or going after Republicans and Conservatives, this administration will do anything to hold on to power.

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In a democracy, we do not imprison political opponents and their families in retaliation. Everything Hawley said was nonsense. Hawley is the former Attorney General of Missouri, and he knows that falsifying business records is a crime and a form of fraud.

Senator Hawley is also well aware that Hillary Clinton did not have thousands of classified emails.. There were 52 emails as part of an email chain on his system. There is no evidence that Hillary Clinton had any information she shouldn’t have, and she didn’t lie about it or attempt to keep or hide government records. Hillary Clinton’s email system was sloppy but not illegal when she was Secretary of State.

Biden’s conspiracies have failed, so Republicans like Hawley are coming back to the Clintons. Like the 1/6, Hawley shows his willingness to destroy democracy for Trump.

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