Lindsey Graham teams up with Elizabeth Warren to regulate Twitter, Apple, Google and Facebook

Senator Lindsey Graham has announced that she is working with Senator Elizabeth Warren to unveil a digital regulatory commission to regulate social media companies.


Graham (R-SC) said on Fox News, “Big Tech, you can’t sue these people because of Section 230, so there’s no regulatory system that works, so I’m going to unveil a digital regulatory commission to address social issues. media companies like Apple, Twitter and Google. We need a regulatory environment to control abuse of power here, so I’m going to do that with Elizabeth Warren. Looking for something that can bring us together in Washington. Social media is out of control, it needs to be regulated somehow, and I think that brings the two parties together.

Big Tech is so out of control that it has made allies of Lindsey Graham and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on the same problem.

Graham is right. Elon Musk’s only mistake was that he was so obvious with his abuse of power. Musk could be the final straw forcing the government to take action against social media companies.

There are too few people with too much power running a few giant social media companies. The abuse of power in social media must be fought.

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