Listen to Edgelord Patrick Bateman and 6 other AI voices

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Artificial intelligence is one of the hottest terms in the tech industry right now and while much of this buzz is pure hype, a place where AI is in terribly good is its ability to generate audio lookalikes of celebrities and politicians. It’s kind of overwhelming the quality of this technology. Seemingly overnight, a slew of AI voice generators have sprung up, all of which make it fairly easy for users to make their favorite celebrity or fictional character say whatever they want them to say. Scroll down below to feast your ears on some of the most noteworthy examples.

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Patrick Bateman Full Office Walking Scene | American psycho [1080p]

Patrick Bateman talks about his love for 4Chan

Patrick Bateman, the horrible protagonist of the novel by Brett Easton Ellis American psycho– doesn’t need an extra reason to be scary. The character, who was played with over-the-top enthusiasm by Christian Bale in a 2000 film adaptation, is scary enough as is. And yet, thanks to the marvels of AI, we can now make Patrick say anything in terrifying ways, including a hilarious screed about the pleasures of being an internet troll.

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