Marijuana in Missouri hotels and motels?

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (KY3) – Recreational Marijuana Use for Ages 21 and Older became legal in Missouri this month. The constitutional amendment (Section 14 of the Missouri Constitution) sparked several questions from viewers. One of our viewers wants to know; can visitors travel to missouri to consume and smoke marijuana in hotels?

Voters approved the question in November. It allows you to have up to 3 ounces of dried marijuana flower or its equivalent for recreational use. So how about smoking it in the privacy of your hotel room?

The general manager of a St. Louis hotel told KY3 that many hotels are 100% non-smoking. And that means no smoking of any kind. Mark Brown of Embassy Suites says it’s the same policy with tobacco or marijuana. He says hotels are private entities and can make their own rules about marijuana.

The Branson Area Lodging Association has not taken an official position on this subject. But Laurie Hayes tells us, The City of Branson has a smoking prescription. This makes it an offense to smoke marijuana in a hotel designated as a non-smoking building.

While some cities may adopt local marijuana rules, Dan Viets with Missouri NORML tells us that there is nothing in the amendment prohibiting a hotel from setting up a room or the entire building as marijuana-friendly, just like some are pet-friendly.

“I think it’s a big attraction for a lot of people to know that they’re allowed to smoke cannabis in a controlled environment and not be found breaking the rules,” explained Dan Viets of the National Organization. for marijuana law reform. (NORMAL). “The main threat is a charge of at least a few hundred dollars to clean a room.”

You cannot walk into a store and buy recreational marijuana. The state deadline for recreational marijuana sales is early February 2023.

Going back to our viewer’s question, can visitors travel to Missouri to consume and smoke marijuana in hotels in Missouri? The answer is a bit complicated. You will need to ask a few questions before booking accommodation. Does the hotel have a non-smoking policy, and does the city you are visiting have a non-smoking policy for hotels? If so, we slide it to NO.

On the other hand, it would be difficult for a hotel to enforce a policy prohibiting the use of edibles in your room. And other states, like Colorado, have so-called marijuana-friendly hotels, so if you use edibles or book into a marijuana-friendly hotel, the answer becomes YES.

Best advice if this is what you want, call ahead.

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