Marvel Snap Gets Romantic With New Music Video

Angela and Sera in the Marvel Snap music video.

Image: Online Animation / Marvel

Although Marvel has made a name for itself in the console gaming space with fairly recent hits like guardians of the galaxy and insomniacs Spider Man saga, the comic book publisher still has a foothold in the mobile game market. It’s the second dinner marvel snap which has currently captured the hearts of fans following its release on phones and PC (via Early Access) in October, and looks set to be one of the brand’s strongest releases with future content updates. .

As part of Snap’s recent “hype the heroevent, Second Dinner and publisher Nuverse collaborated with the animation studio Line to release a music video for Martin Garrix and JVKE’s new single, “Hero”. Animated music videos for popular games are nothing new; you can’t play League of Legends, but its annual world tournaments have music videos that are really something and have helped inform the Esoteric Netflix series. But marvel snap does not use video as a means of showing a card dealing action. Maps are featured in the video, but the music video is instead used as a highlight reel of the editor’s best-known romantic entanglements as JVKE considers responding to a text from his ex.


As cheesy as it sounds on paper, its execution works surprisingly well. Each relationship has a different art style – Daredevil and Elektra are done in 8-bit similar to an old school video game, Spider-Man and Mary Jane are in a chibi style, and so on – and they all feel that they adapt to the particular couple presented. It even uses a segment to give a brief shoutout to Angela and his wife Sera, a couple who have not been seen in the comics of sometimes. For as much turbulence as Marvel likes to put its couples through from time to time, watching some of these love stories unfold to portray an actual relationship in a two-minute music video is oddly effective. And it doesn’t hurt that the single itself is good, as far as pop songs like this go.

Between that and the animated shorts for Marvel’s Midnight Suns, it’s nice to see the company branching out and doing more with the medium. Maybe future collaborations like these could be done for other upcoming Marvel games?

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