Mastodon: Most People Who Threatened To Quit Twitter Didn’t Move

Of the more than 140,000 Twitter users who announced their move to Mastodon, only 1.6% actually left Elon Musk’s social media platform.


December 2, 2022

Twitter logo morphing into Mastodon oneastodon: Twitter logos morphing into Mastodon, a free and open source social networking service.

How many people actually switch from Twitter to Mastodon?

Andreas Prott/Alamy

Only a handful of Twitter users who threatened to leave the social network for open-source alternative Mastodon have actually deleted their Twitter accounts.

An analysis of more than 140,000 Twitter users shows that although many people said they were leaving the site, only 1.6% have completely abandoned the platform, which was bought by entrepreneur Elon Musk in late October.

“I’m not very surprised, because I’m one of those people who still posts about both,” says…

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