‘Miles to Go’ follows a family’s exploration of America on Route 66

Brennen Matthews wasn’t always a Route 66 enthusiast. He grew up in Africa and only lived in North America for a few years before packing a Volkswagen SUV with his wife and eight-year-old son to visit The Mother Road. Now the family travels Route 66 twice a year and Matthews is known for his coverage of highway history.

In mid-October, Matthews released his book, “Miles to Go: An African Family in Search of America along Route 66.” The 285-page book chronicles the family’s first trip down Route 66 in 2016. Matthews, along with his wife Kate and son Thembi, spent two and a half months traveling, starting in Wilmington, Illinois and ending in Los Angeles.

"Miles to Go: An African family in search of America along Route 66" was written by Brennen Matthews.

When Brennen and Kate began planning their trip, Brennen had no intention of writing a book about their experiences. It was only later, on follow-up trips, that Brennen began to realize the need. There are plenty of guides for traveling along Route 66, but Brennen felt it lacked personal accounts.

Formatted like a travel diary, “Miles to Go” takes readers through each of the big cities and small towns explored by the family. Matthews also weaves the history of Route 66 into his personal narrative, fleshing out details of the iconic restaurants and motels they visit.

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