Non-binary Biden official fired after baggage claims, therapist already warned of his ‘lies and behavior’ – Reuters

Bizarre behavior by controversial Biden nuclear official Sam Brinton, including stealing women’s luggage on at least two recent occasions, has been fired after felony charges were filed against the ‘non-binary’ cross-dresser. The kicker: A psychotherapist warned lawmakers about Brinton’s past behavior, multiple times.

Going through the daily beast:

“Sam Brinton is no longer a DOE employee,” a spokesperson for the Department of Energy told The Daily Beast Monday evening. “By law, the Department of Energy cannot comment further on personnel matters.”

Like us reported On Friday, a felony warrant was issued in Las Vegas for the deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposal at the Office of Nuclear Energy on a second criminal charge for stealing luggage at Harry Reid Airport.

Brinton was first accused of a crime in November for stealing a woman’s Vera Bradley suitcase worth $2,325 from baggage claim at Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport on September 16, according to court documents. Brinton initially denied the charge, but later said he took the designer’s luggage by mistake.

This is where the story gets really interesting.

Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, Jr., a licensed psychotherapist, warned state lawmakers and LGBT groups about Brinton’s various stories of alleged abuse he suffered in therapy sessions, according at the Daily Signal.

My colleagues and I warned lawmakers in California and Massachusetts, as well as the LGBT activist groups that sponsored him, to The Ever-Evolving Story of Sam Brinton about the abuse he allegedly suffered in therapy due to his LGBT attractions,” “But no one cared, so Brinton’s testimony about his alleged experience played a key role in prohibiting legitimate practices across the country.

Here’s more from Daily Signal:

Brinton testified in support of the therapy bans, saying he underwent “conversion therapy.” However, even LGBT activist Wayne Beson – who vehemently opposes “conversion therapy” – noted in LGBTQ Nation that Brinton’s story was “Too good to be trueand blamed LGBT activist groups and the press for not checking him out before making his case.

California and Massachusetts later banned “conversion therapy”, a term The American Psychiatric Association defines as being “based on the assumption that homosexuality itself is a mental disorder or that a patient should change their homosexual orientation”.

According to the LGBT group The Movement Advancement Project“conversion therapy” bans have become law in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Hawaii, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C.

“Sam Brinton’s story has always been too good to be true,” Nicolosi told the Daily Signal. “But politicians and activists cared more about how he pushed their narrative forward than making sure people understand that sexual fluidity goes more than one way.”

Like my colleague Brandon Morse reported, the controversies surrounding Brinton go far beyond his penchant for stealing women’s suitcases from airport baggage carousels. The “gender fluid” now-ancient A Biden official reportedly defended the now-deleted website “” following an illegal prostitution raid for linking young prostitutes with clients. The Department of Homeland Security arrested seven employees and the indictments revealed negligence in age verification, calling it a “grey area” on the spot.

A White House spokesperson did not immediately return The Daily Beast’s request for comment on Brinton’s announced departure, and Sam Brinton could not be reached.

The essential

I cannot end without first pointing out the obvious. In the case of the Hunter Biden laptop scandal, let alone Joe Biden – aka “The Big Guy” and his involvement in The Biden Family Business – imagine for a nanosecond the histrionic collapse on the left if one of the that of Donald Trump son — and Trump himself — were involved instead of Joe Biden and his crackhead son.

The same double standard applies to the sordid story of Sam Brinton and his two felony warrants. If this deranged guy had worked for Trump – which never would have happened – Democrats and liberal media doggies would have lost their ever-loving spirit. And they know it.

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