Pedro Pascal on ‘Hot Ones’ is as delicious as you’d expect

The internet can’t get enough of Pedro Pascal – let it be his starring roles in HBO’s heartbreaking hit The last of us or Disney The Mandalorianher separate voice over SNL (“oh mah gah”), or his adorable friendship with co-star Bella Ramsey.

And now, to add to the obsession, Pascal’s valiant appearance on First We Feast’s The hottest landed.

“I wonder how much of that is going to get into my amazing mustache,” he says at the start of the episode, looking straight into the camera. And it’s only getting better.

Both insightful and playful, Pascal takes on the challenge of eating increasingly spicy wings while discussing his on-screen performances, Mexican cuisine and musical tastes, including the song he would like to play. at his own funeral. At one point, he even called host Sean Evans on The hottest evil story arc and heat-level narrative pivot to Da Bomb: “You tell me I’m fine, then you try to kill me.”

Like everything The hottest the guests inevitably do, Pascal eventually smells the fire – and his stunt doubles are absolute winners. “Has anyone ever vomited during a projectile?” I learn where all my nerve endings are. “Can someone give me a cup of blood?” “I’m going to the Whitney Museum this afternoon…unless I’m shitting myself.”

Watch the full episode above to capture every delicious moment.

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