Photos show how miserable flight delays have become in the US

This summer’s flight headaches, many caused by extreme weather, continue to wreak havoc at airports across the United States and beyond, with 11,337 delays and 2,077 cancellations. reported so far. And it’s unlikely to improve anytime soon.

The hardest hit airports on Monday, which saw the bulk of cancellations, were Newark Liberty International, Dallas-Fort Worth International and LaGuardia, according at FlightAware. Delays and cancellations at these airports were due to storms and staffing issues.

The National Weather Service said Dallas-Fort Worth Airport recorded record rainfall between Sunday and Monday with 9.19 inches of rain, making it the second wettest 24-hour period.

Travelers at Newark Liberty International reported being stuck for nearly nine hours on the tarmac, in some cases being asked to disembark the plane and re-board later, only to be told the flight was canceled because the crew clocked in.

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