Photos: Ukrainians face difficulties in taking over Kherson | In pictures News

At the beginning of November, Russia retired of the Ukrainian city of Kherson following an eight-month occupation, but has since faced multiple attacks and escalation, leaving dozens dead and millions in the dark.

However, the difficulties for the townspeople are far from over.

The southern city with a pre-war population of 200,000 and its surroundings are still living the consequences of the occupation and feeling the murderous proximity of Russian forces, now stationed across the Dnieper.

Today, residents experience almost daily power cuts, water shortages and bombings that have become a new reality. People now depend on food or water rations. Some shoot water from the Dnieper, risking Russian sniper fire from the other bank.

Due to power outages, there are often queues of people charging their phones at common power stations in city parks. At night, residents armed with flashlights search through the rubble of their bombed-out homes.

Children still play at abandoned checkpoints displaying a Ukrainian flag despite nearby explosions. Other residents seek to shame suspected Russian collaborators tied up in public.

Some cannot stand the harsh conditions and pack their things in their cars, take their pets and head to a safer place, hoping the war will end soon and allow them to return home.

Others remain, ready to endure hardships.

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