Protests spread in China as people demand ‘freedom’, call on Xi and CCP to ‘stand down’

Protests were spread across china against their zero COVID policy, especially following the deadly apartment fire in Urumqi that left ten people dead. People are accusing the government’s COVID policies of hampering the ability to help save people in the fire and they’ve had enough. The situation has gotten so bad that officials in Urumqi said they would start phasing out COVID restrictions in some areas.

The anger has spread to every corner of China, from major cities to remote areas such as Xinjiang and Tibet, and has galvanized all sections of society, including young university students, factory workers and ordinary citizens.

As this anger grows, protests against Covid measures have become an increasingly common sight. But even the protests this weekend are unusual in this new normal, both in their number and in the outspokenness of their criticism of the government and President Xi Jinping. [….]

Others also chose to wave the Chinese flag and sing the national anthem – its lyrics espousing revolutionary ideals and urging the people to “stand up, stand up”. It’s a display of patriotism that could also be read as a pointed expression of solidarity with fellow Chinese suffering from Mr. Xi’s zero Covid policy – and a call to action.

Thousands of people traveled to Shanghai and hundreds demonstrated in Beijing and Nanjing. In Shanghai, they directly challenged Xi Jinping, calling on him and the CCP to “resign.”

China correspondent for a Dutch newspaper, Eva Rammeloo noted that some of the people had been arrested by the police and that they had removed some of the memorials to the victims of the fire. But Rameloo said she just wanted to ‘add on how amazing it is’ and that she had never seen anything like anger in the decade she reported on China. , that it “seems too hard to put down”.

This is what courage looks like.

This is an incredibly stupid position on the part of the government – zero COVID – since it is not possible. It only makes a people who were already oppressed even more angry. But the Chinese have persisted there for three years. People finally seem to have had enough. Will that be enough to change things? The government may finally have to start making changes if it doesn’t want to face this everywhere.

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