Racist threats have ‘flowed’ into Manhattan DA Bragg’s office since Trump’s impeachment

Vice News:

The DA’s office has received more than 1,000 calls and emails from Trump supporters since March 18, the day Trump falsely predicted his own arrest, Bragg revealed on Tuesday. Many of those posts were “overtly racist and anti-Semitic,” Bragg’s office said.

An email read: “Hay George Soros puppet jerk If you want President Trump to pick me up. Remember we are everywhere and we have guns.

Coincidentally, the “Hay George Soros Asshole Puppet” is now available for a limited time in my Etsy shop. Stocks are limited, so order now! Ironically, it looks a lot like a Trump puppet, but with a lot less asshole.

Other emails called Bragg “Black trash” and “Aids Infested”. And if the threats were only verbal, the situation might not be so ominous, but on at least two occasions since Trump incorrectly predicted the date of his arrest, his wild flying monkeys have come too close to be comforted.

Bragg received an envelope containing white powder and a specific death threat against him. The letter was immediately contained to prevent exposure, and it was later determined to contain no hazardous substances, according to a letter that Bragg later distributed to his staff.

On March 28, a Trump supporter protesting Bragg’s investigation pulled a knife on a family, including two children, Bragg’s office said. The protester, a 39-year-old woman, carried a sign that read: “I support Trump, do you? THE protester was arrested.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers are laughably claiming that Trump’s obvious threats are not real, bona fide threats. After all, he’s just an excitable boy who gets a little pissed off when he’s grumpy.

“These messages are not threats, they are not harassment,” Trump’s attorney, Todd Blanche, told Judge Juan Merchan during Trump’s arraignment. “He has rights, he has the right to speak publicly.”

Alright, of course. This happens because they are “not threats”: “We have maintained an increased security presence in and around courthouses and throughout the justice system and will adjust protocols as necessary,” said New York State Courts spokesperson Lucian Chalfen. “We continue to assess and reassess security issues and potential threats.”

A crucial part of Trump’s stochastic terrorism is convincing the world – and himself – that he is a victim. In this case, he is only an innocent lamb led to the slaughterhouse; literally everyone but the racist black villain can see it.

Here it is with the frozen fish stick fuck himself, Tucker Carlson, explaining how ordinary citizens wept like Mary Magdalene at the foot of the cross when she was impeached.


TUCKER-CARLSON: Tell us from your point of view how it was.

Donald Trump: “They were amazing. When I went to the courthouse, which is also a jail, in a way, they signed me up, and I’m telling you, people were crying. The people who worked there, worked there professionally, who have no problem putting in murderers, and they see everyone. It’s a tough, tough place. And they were crying, they were actually crying. They said, ‘I’m sorry.’

Uh huh. Of course. Of all the things that never happened, this is the one that never happened the most. I imagine some people may have cried with laughter, but beyond that, fuggedaboudit.

And if for some reason you need confirmation that Trump has removed that whopper from his second most objectionable orifice, Yahoo! News spoke with only one source which literally asserted that no one was crying. “Zero. There was no one crying,” the source said. “There was no one saying, ‘I’m sorry.'”

Well, maybe a guy was crying. But he probably held back those tears until he got on his private jet after his arraignment.


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