Rivals Rankings Week: 2023 Rankings Roundtable

Rivals leaderboard week is over, but there are still plenty of storylines to discuss in the early fall. Our analysts – Adam Friedman, Adam Gorney, Clint Cosgrove, Nick Harris and Ryan Wright – sit at the Rivals round table and discuss.

1. Which prospect do you think we ranked too high?

Jaden's big house

Jaden Greathouse (Rivals.com)

Cosgrove: Will Norman is a hell of a player with a huge advantage when he fires on all cylinders. I’m not over him as a player in any way, but looking at some of the players behind him in the rankings both on the defensive line and in other valuable positions, I feel like his ranking n °103 might be too high at this point. on time.

Fridman: Jaden’s big house has serious correspondence problems in high school, but his skills may not translate as well to the next level. He’s not too fast for a receiver and he doesn’t have the size that would make him a tough game at the next level as a tight end. At 6-foot-1, there are plenty of linebackers and safeties who would have no problem physically toying with him and he’s not fast enough to run away from many of the exceptional athletes he’ll see in high school once he gets there. he will have gotten to our Lady. He should still stay in the Rivals250, but I think the top 100 is probably too high.

Gorney: James Smith is a very impressive prospect who is enormously tall and dominated at the high school level, but I wish he had been in the Alabama-Mississippi all-star game to compare him more to Peter Woods, who was absolutely outstanding and could argue for five star status. This is why it will be important for Smith to have such a performance at the next All-Star events to support his best poster. There’s no doubt he’s a talented prospect, but showing it domestically is crucial.

Harris: Kendrick Gilbert has the potential to be a reliable next-level starter for Purdue in several places on the defensive line, but his long-term potential in the NFL probably doesn’t justify a four-star average rating. Gilbert will need to add muscle mass before entering the field at Purdue, and there are still concerns about strength at the point of attack. Either way, Gilbert has the athleticism and motor skills necessary for the next step he will have to take before he gets to Purdue.

Wright: Alabama offensive tackle engagement Olaus Alin might be too high as a four star only looking at where it is now instead of where it might project in five to six years. Alisen certainly has the size to be a dominating monster in the SEC and become an NFL player, but his overall skills can be questioned. When taking on the defenders of Connecticut’s Loomis Chaffee School, Alinen too easily leaves little defensive bits in his chest using his strength to win battles instead of technique; he won’t be able to do it in the SEC. He is still too high in his stance with the tendency to step out over his toes. Alilen will be a project for the offensive line coach Eric Wolford.


2. Which prospect do you think we ranked too low?

Suntarine Perkins

Suntarine Perkins (Sam Spiegelman)

Cosgrove: In an extremely talented offensive line class in 2023, Kadyn’s Overseer is undoubtedly the cream of the crop. While it’s hard to argue that the nation’s No. 14 rookie is underrated, Proctor is probably the surest thing when it comes to being one of the NFL’s top draft picks. in this class and I really believe an argument could be made for him. being the best overall player in this recruitment cycle.

Proctor has a generational combination of size and athleticism, dominates both run and pass blocking, and his ability to work second level and block in space is unmatched for a rookie who is far from reach his ceiling as a player.

Fridman: Dashawn Womack is an incredibly physical and athletic defensive end who can get into the backfield to disrupt the passing game and has very little trouble defending against the run. He’s gotten much stronger at the point of attack over the past year and a half, while improving his passing skills to the point where very few offensive linemen can slow him down. He has the athleticism to play in space if needed and the coaching staff of USL is happy to put his versatility to good use.

Gorney: There’s no way to convince me that Suntarine Perkins Shouldn’t be higher, especially after his performance in the Alabama-Mississippi All-Star Game where he not only looked awesome but also delivered on the court. Perkins looks like an elite safety or outside linebacker who covers so much ground and has elite athleticism. He also dominates at the ball carrier position, which only testifies to his high level. It’s one of the many reasons Alabama is trying so hard to overthrow him from Ole Miss.

Harris: Round Rock (Texas) Stony Point four-star wide receiver Braylon James is one of the most bizarre athletes in the entire country, and that’s a big reason why even his No. 149 overall ranking might be way too low. James’ athletic profile consists of a time of 14.14 over 110 meters hurdles which earned him a spot in the Texas State 6A meet in addition to a time of 38.90 over 300 meters. That athleticism translated to the field for James as a tall outside receiver who provides a game nightmare for anyone who lines up in front of him. For great defensive backs, he outshines them with his athleticism. For athletic defensive backs, he physically surpasses them with his 6-foot-4, 180-pound frame. James has the potential to provide a Christian Watson type of impact for Notre-Dame at the start of his career.

Wright: At No. 97, defensive end IMG Jayden Wayne is too weak considering his overall skills. Wayne has a great future ahead of him at miami and has the ability to be an impact player his first season. Playing for the Ascenders during his senior campaign, Wayne had 29 total saves, four sacks and nine tackles for an 8-1 season loss for the team.


3. In your opinion, which prospect will surprise before signing day?

Dante Moore

Dante Moore (Rivals.com)

Cosgrove: Dante Moore is considered to be in complete agreement with Oregon by everyone I spoke to who knew his recruitment intimately. That being said, several recent events give food for thought as to its future destination. Oregon lost its offensive coordinator for Arizona Statethere are rumors of state of michigan pushing hard for his pledge and now it looks like he’s going to pay a visit to UCLA.

I believe Moore is standing firm with his commitment to Oregon at the end, but with him keeping everything close to the vest, I wouldn’t be shocked to see a surprise on signing day from any of the signal callers. country’s elite.

Fridman: I was tempted to say Port of Nyckoles here, but he says he won’t sign until February signing day, so I’m going with Dante Moore. The Oregon commitment and the five-star quarterback has been linked to Michigan State in the past and visits UCLA next weekend. He will be an exceptional prospect for any team able to sign him, but fans of all three programs should keep a close eye on the outstanding passer as signing day approaches.

Gorney: Dante Moore is definitely one to watch, as is Cormani McClain especially if he ends up visiting Alabama, but I’m going with Kadyn Proctor. I know he kind of turned down Colorado’s new offer, but if Deion Sander urges him, things could get interesting, and then he just visited Oregon and Alabama urges him as well. Iowa can certainly keep it but it won’t be easy.

Harris: The center of the turnaround rumors before signing day in the South Central region concerns the five-star safety of Denton (Texas) Guyer Peyton Bowen and if he will withdraw his promise from Our Lady in favor of Oklahoma. The Sooners were at home with Bowen this week and still pose a big challenge to the Irish’ bid to sign their prized Texan rookie.

Wright: Ranked sixth in the general classification of the last Rivals, watch out for Malachi Nelson at the Under Armor All-American Game. Working with some of the best receivers in the country and against some of the best defensive backs, in multiple practices and on a TV stage, we’ll see just how good Nelson really is. An elite performance could have the USC commit to challenging the quarterbacks in front of him, Manning Arch, Nico Yamaleava and Dante Moore.

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