Russian-Ukrainian war: Mayor tells Kyiv residents to stock up on water and food in case of major blackout

KyivMoscow’s mayor told residents on Thursday to stock up on water, food and warm clothes in the event of a blackout caused by Russian airstrikes, and said residents should consider staying with friends in the city. outskirts of the capital if they could.
Mayor Vitaly Klitschko warned that the temperature in homes could drop rapidly in the event of “electricity failure and destruction of infrastructure and complete absence of electricity, water supply, drainage and heating”.
“The temperature in the apartments may not differ much from the temperature outside,” the former boxing champion told a safety forum in Kyiv, where temperatures are around -4 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit).
“I call on the population (…) to have a technical water supply, drinking water, sustainable food products, warm clothes”.
Power units in several power plants across Ukraine had to make emergency shutdowns this week after a series of Russian missile strikes.
Klitschko said people should consider moving temporarily to stay with friends or relatives who own homes on the outskirts of Kyiv.
On Tuesday, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said Ukraine still had a 30% electricity deficit, six days after the last major wave of Russian missile strikes on its power grid.
To address the lack of heat and electricity, authorities in Kyiv have set up 430 heating points where people can warm up and charge their phones, but Klitschko said the number was insufficient for a city of 3.5. millions of inhabitants.
“Even 500 wouldn’t help, even 5,000 would be too little.”
Russia says its attacks on vital infrastructure are militarily legitimate and that Kyiv can end the suffering of its people if it gives in to Russian demands, which Moscow has not clarified. Ukraine says attacks aimed at causing civilian misery are a war crime.

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