Sloppily-Clad Fetterman Named to NY Times Most ‘Stylish’ List, Set to Appear in Christian Bale Film

Pennsylvania Senator-elect John Fetterman is going to Hollywood. Fetterman was recently named to The New York Times list of “Most Stylish People of 2022” and is set to appear in an upcoming film starring actor Christian Bale.

No, we are not kidding. Ogre-chic is causing a stir.

The Times put Fetterman on a list other presumably fashionable individuals and called it “elegant”.

“Pennsylvania senator-elect will bring Carhartt to the Capitol,” they wrote in a simple one-sentence blurb, referencing the famous line of blue-collar clothing worn by the man who literally never had work and still has an allowance from mum and dad in their 50s.

The entry also linked to a glowing May 2022 article in which Fetterman’s “style” is discussed at length in a 26-paragraph analysis.

“Combined with his shaved head, goatee and tattoos…the effect practically reeks of that word so beloved of the political class, and so rarely associated with them: Authenticity,” they radiated.

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Fetterman isn’t just stylish, he looks like a movie star

It’s not just about her impeccable style either. No, John Fetterman is more than just stylish – he’s got movie star looks too.

Ask Christian Bale, star of the next Netflix movie pale blue eyesin which the Pennsylvania Democrat will be make an appearance.

From the moment he laid eyes on Fetterman, Bale knew he was the man for the role. Any role. Because it looks like it’s straight out of the early 19th century.

“John has this amazing face,” Bale told a forum after a recent screening of the film.

The actor said he pushed his director to throw Fetterman into the mix somewhere. “It’s a face that fits the 1830s.”

Bruh is a face that belongs to a film in which the main character is called Quasimodo. Or maybe in a remake of The Goonies like Chuck.

Fetterman posted an image from the set and announced his appearance late last week.

“It’s me + G + Christian Bale around 1830,” he said, referring to the fact that his wife also appears in the film.

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Looks like he’s shopping at the dumpster

I can’t tell you how much I hope Fetterman gets a line during his movie appearance. And I hope it’s, “Hi. Good night everybody.”

It would be a defining moment in cinematic lore.

Or maybe a little dance number to the tune of ‘SexyBack’ by Justin Timberlake:

🎶 I bring back ogre (yeah)

Other senators don’t know how to act (yeah)

I’ll fire a shotgun at you if you jog all in black (Yes)

I can’t help if my jaw is still loose (yeah) 🎶

Well, maybe that’s too much to ask.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was amused when he learned that Fetterman was named to The New York Times’ “Most Stylish” list.

“So you assumed John Fetterman was wearing his oversized hoodie found in the dumpster to hide the massive bulge on the side of his neck, but nope!” Carlson joked. “It was a Balenciaga-level fashion statement.”

He continued, unable to stifle a smile as he spoke.

“Why are they telling you this? ” He asked. “Because they want to overturn the aesthetic. Because they hate beauty. Because they hate the truth. It’s actually deep.

“The ugly is beautiful.”

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