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Stephen Colbert Zings Weirdest part of Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson

Stephen Colbert Zings Weirdest part of Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson

Stephen Colbert hammers home Trump’s bizarre claim of discussing military strategy with a five-year-old.



Colbert said:

The ex-president spoke on a lot of topics like the pullout from Afghanistan, he attacked Biden’s decision-making, then he unveiled a brand new military adviser ‘I did a little skit with a five-year-old years old, I said let me ask you here is the situation explained. The situation I said would we eliminate the army first or withdraw it last?

I took it out last. Five years.

Completely normal conversation to have with a five year old. All of us, we’ve all had them, we’ve all had those conversations that remind me of that famous Dr. Seuss book One Fish Two Fish Goldfish Why didn’t Johnson see the Tet Offensive coming?

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Trump’s interview with Tucker Carlson was such a disaster that people seem to have missed the fact that the way Trump communicates with children is to discuss military withdrawal strategy.

The whole concept of Trump and the five-year-old is so crazy that the logical reaction is to think it was made up.

Plus Trump is locked in his private club doing nothing but obsessing over the criminal charges against him, but people would be well advised to keep their kids away from Donald Trump. With each passing day, the criminal charges are eating away at him and causing some truly bizarre behavior even for Trump.

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