Survey finds 86% stressed about money and inflation

Inflation survey

It’s making headlines every day, you see it in higher utility and grocery bills, and of course gas prices are still very high – we’re talking about inflation.

In a new College Investor survey, we asked if people were stressed about money due to rising inflation and a resounding 86% said yes.

With the holidays fast approaching, inflation, which has increased by more than 8% in 2022weighs heavily on our minds.

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers plan to spend approximately $833 in gifts, decorations and food. But if you’re struggling to meet your daily bills and expenses, spend anything extra, let alone $833, seems unattainable.

Our survey asked about side shoves and what kinds of work people were doing outside of their “main” job to help pay for the rising cost of daily expenses. What percentage of people worked on the side? How did they plan to pay for holiday gifts this year?

The results show that while inflation is stressful, it also elicits the desire to take on side work to earn dough. Let’s explore the details of our investigation.

inflation and stress
secondary agitation survey holiday gift stress

Who is Side Husling?

The majority of respondents, nearly 55%, have a hustling side. This extra income can improve leeway for monthly expenses such as rent and utilities, which is exactly what 65% use it for.

secondary agitation investigation

Seventy percent plan to use their slot dough to pay for gifts.

Other interesting findings include:

time spent on odd jobs

What kind of side hustle do people do?

Extra Money Comes in All Kinds of Flavors through the internet, carpooling and delivery services. We thought it would be interesting to know what kind of hustles people are in, and here’s what they said:

types of lateral agitation surveys
  • Conduct online surveys (i.e. Poll follower, Swag Bucks)
  • Delivery (i.e. DoorDash, instagram)
  • Independent (i.e. self employedUpwork, Fiverr)
  • Selling things (i.e. eBay, posh mark)
  • drive for Uber/Lyft
  • Work in person in a physical/retail store
  • How do people plan to buy gifts this year?

    Again, the majority of respondents said they would turn to their loyal accomplices to finance their vacation purchases. Here are the full answers:

    • 49%: Secondary Unrest Income
    • 21%: Credit card
    • 13%:
      Buy now, pay later
    • ten%: Gift cards
    • 3%: Credit card rewards
    • 2%: Personal loans

    An important factor in maintaining a side business is motivation. The main reason for having secondary restlessness was to be able to pay for daily expenses. Here’s what else we found out about what people were doing with their extra cash:

    secondary agitation motivation

    Are you ready for this season?

    A side hustle is handy for covering higher daily expenses caused by inflation as well as paying for gifts and vacation expenses.

    If you’re ready to start a side hustle, we’ve got plenty of ideas to get you started. You can start by completing surveys for a little extra money or check out our articles on how to get started with DoorDash Where Uber.

    With the uncertainty surrounding inflation, now is a great time to grab a side gig so you can have some cushion to get through the holidays and beyond.

    If a side gig isn’t your thing, see the best types of investments for inflationary periods.

    The College Investor commissioned Pollfish to conduct an online survey of 1,500 Americans aged 18 and older. The survey was conducted on November 8, 2022.

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