Tampa Bay Bucs bring back cursed creamsicle uniforms

Ice cream is back.

Ice cream is back.
Picture: PA

If you’re a fan of retro jerseys and nostalgia, we’ve got a treat for you. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring back their swashbuckling first day uniforms, when they apparently did nothing but lose. That’s right, you can call it a throwback because those wonderful creamsicle uniforms are coming back in 2023. That’s only to be expected since the Bucs will likely become doormats again for the rest of the NFL after Tom Brady’s Last Farewell. Might as well wear them full time.

This video package looks like a lot of marching band for a uniform in which the franchise had its worst days. Tampa Bay was an expansion team in 1976 and entered the league, losing its first 26 straight games. They have managed only two victories in two seasons of existence in this jersey. Somehow the Bucs managed to win the NFC Central Division title in 1979 at 10-6, but there weren’t too many successes to follow that for the next decade and more. . Aside from back-to-back playoff appearances in the early ’80s, it wasn’t until 1997 that Tampa appeared in another postseason contest after a rebrand.

So many horrible years of not winning more than six games. This was all done while donning the creamsicle jerseys. Tampa Bay has won two Super Bowls in their modern looks and zero in creamsicles. They may look cool now, but Bucs fans who lived through that era probably aren’t too happy with their return. They surely bring back terrifying memories of when their beloved Bucs had no hope of doing anything before they even stepped onto the field.

Tampa was supposed to release these uniforms last season, but the creamsicles were put on hold for another year due to supply chain issues.

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