The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself canceled by Netflix

Jay Lycurgo, Nadia Parkes and Emilien Vekemans in The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself.

Image: netflix

Canceled TV shows are never fun, especially when they’re on. netflix. The streamer puts out so much content that it’s hard to know what his metrics of success are – at least, until they vaguely hint at these supposed successes – and it turns out he’s all easier for emissions get the ax out of nowhere.

Everyone has their own examples of a Netflix show that was abruptly canned, and now the latest show to drop is The bastard son and the devil himself, which came out towards the end of October. The news first broke on Friday via its UK producer Imaginariumfollow-up of the declarations of the creator Joe Barton and actor Jay Lycurgo, who plays Nathan on the show. Barton and Imaginarium wrote that they were proud of the series’ short life, with Barton adding that he was “sorry I couldn’t complete the story”. Lycurgo expressed similar thoughts, saying “there was so much more to say”.

Based on half bad series of YA novels by Sally Green, the series followed Nathan Byrne, a teenager who learned he was the bastard son of an infamous blood witch. After learning that he had been watched his whole life by a rival faction of witches called the Fairborns, Nathan ran away to find out more about himself and eventually crossed paths with other witches Annalize (Nadia Parkes) and Gabriel (Emilien Vekemans). When the series dropped, it received strong reviews from critics and audiences; Linda Codega of io9 called it “one of the best Netflix shows you’ve never heard of”.

Bastard the cancellation marks the second relatively big series to pull its take from Netflix. Last week he canceled Mike Flanagan’s The Midnight Club, which was also in its first season. Shortly after, Flanagan opened up about what would have been in a second season, and also jumped to Amazon, where he’s gearing up to work on a Stephen King adaptation. The dark tower. It’s the nature of the business, of course, but Netflix’s strategy of throwing things onto its platform with minimal attention and a single trailer continues to do these shows and the people who work on them zero favors. .

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