‘The Callisto Protocol’ patch attempts to fix PC performance issues

One day after release The Callisto Protocol at , developer Striking Distance Studios is rolling out a patch to fix the PC version’s stuttering issues. The studio promised the patch “would improve performance”, adding that “a number of additional updates” were in the works.

Since its release, PC gamers have taken to YouTube, Reddit, and other online forums to complain about The Callisto Protocol performance issues. On Steam, the game currently holds a “Mixed” score after nearly 10,000 player reviews, with the majority of negative posts complaining about the game’s technical shortcomings.

details the issues in its recent in-game video. According to the outlet, The Callisto Protocol does not precompile its shaders. That’s a big no-no for an Unreal Engine 4 game on PC. Almost every time The Callisto Protocol introduces new assets or shows something for the first time, gamers can expect a massive stutter, with worse effect on PCs with older, less powerful CPUs.

It’s hard to say how well the first patch fixes the shader compilation issue. Some Twitter users are reporting a “huge” difference, but note that the issue isn’t completely fixed. Watch the videos that document how the update affects performance, you can still still see a lot of micro stutters. If you want to play The Callisto Protocol on PC, I’d say it’s best to wait before buying the game.

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