‘The Last of Us’ trailer gives a new look at HBO’s next spooky series

‘The Last of Us’ Trailer Gives New Look at HBO’s Upcoming Spooky Series – GameSpot

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Go west, young fan. In the official trailer, HBO gives another look at its live-action adaptation of the famous video game.

A creepy, nasty Last of Us creature crawls out of the ground and heads towards the camera as flames rage in the background.

Available in January. Lucky you.

HBO; screenshot by CNET

The last of us fans have another chance to whet their appetite for HBO’s upcoming live-action adaptation of the acclaimed video game. On Saturday, the official trailer for the series was released on Twitter. The New HBO Original Is Set at the premiere on January 15 on the cable channel and HBO Max.

The trailer follows a teasing released in September and offers new glimpses into a world where a terrifying and realistic fungal brain infection transformed a large part of the population into aggressive and cannibalistic mutants.

The series follows 14-year-old survivors Joel and Ellie (Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey) as they journey through a post-apocalyptic United States two decades after the fall of modern civilization.

Developer Naughty Dog’s original PlayStation video game landed on the PS3 in 2013 (and recently got a PS5 remake), with a sequel coming to the PS4 in 2020.

CNET’s Attila Tomaschek and Sean Keane contributed to this report.

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