‘Truly Taiwan’ becomes BITF’s hottest topic

Tainan City wins the 23rd Busan IInternational Travel Show Best Booth Content Award

BUSAN, South Korea, October 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Echoing the inner thoughts of Koreans who wish to visit Taiwan, “I want to travel to Truly Taiwan, Truly Tainan” promotes Taiwan historical capital of Tainan as an international city, selection of 10 must-see attractions from Korean tourists’ keyword searches to advertise at major subway stations in Seoul and Busan. Tainan’s tourism ambassador, Sababoy, also made his first appearance at a Korean travel fair, offering dried mango – a favorite among Korean visitors to Tainan – while handheld fan gifts “10 attractions must-sees in Tainan” attracted long lines of visitors who one by one took to Tainan Travel’s Instagram to leave the message “I want to travel to Tainan!” The interactive activity saw the city of Tainan win the “Best Booth Content” award of the expo.

Billboards advertising Tainan were displayed at eight Seoul subway stations
Billboards advertising Tainan were displayed at eight Seoul subway stations

Tainan has been recommended by the famous foodie travel magazine the Michelin Green Guide and this year also earned a Bib Gourmand designation, making it a must-see city for international travelers to Taiwan. A Wall Street Journal food critic also wrote a special feature on Tainan, calling the city a world food museum. Before preparing to travel to Tainan, visit the Tainan travel website www.twtainan.net to plan the itinerary for a personalized gourmet menu that will let you the visitor sample local snacks, Michelin-curated traditional flavors, and world-class classic Taiwanese dishes along the way.

10 must-see videos from Tainan REELS:

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