Trump accused of using lawsuit to intimidate criminal witnesses

Michael Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, says Trump’s $500 million lawsuit against his client was an attempt to block criminal witnesses from coming forward.

Here is Lanny Davis’ statement:

Davis said in part, “It appears he is terrified of his impending legal perils and his attempt to send a message to other potential witnesses who are cooperating with prosecutors against him. “Mr. Cohen will not be discouraged and is confident that this lawsuit will fail on the basis of the facts and the law. Is there anyone in America, other than a dwindling minority base of believers, who takes Mr. Trump seriously when he files these frivolous lawsuits?

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These Trump lawsuits usually go nowhere, but some like Trump’s lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, end in sanctions against Trump and his legal team. The lawsuits are always an attempt by Trump to look strong and impress his supporters.

Trump knows he won’t intimidate Michael Cohen, but he’s hoping to scare off potential witnesses in Manhattan, Georgia, and the federal investigation led by Special Counsel Jack Smith. The lawsuit will likely die quickly in court, even though Trump once again went shopping in Florida.

Davis was right. Trump is terrified, and the trial is a way for Trump to feel in control when he isn’t.

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