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Trump demands Kari Lake ‘be installed’ as Arizona governor due to ‘criminal voting operation’ – RedState

Trump demands Kari Lake ‘be installed’ as Arizona governor due to ‘criminal voting operation’ – RedState

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Former president donald trump Monday again rejected the results of the Arizona gubernatorial election, calling for Lake Kari to be declared the winner and quickly “installed” as governor, due to what Trump called a “criminal voting operation.”

Governor’s Contest has been called for Katie Hobbsthe current tally showing Lake defeated Lake by just over 17,000 votes out of more than 2.5 million ballots.

Here is The Donald, via his Truth Social post:

Massive number of “BROKEN” voting machines in Republican districts on Election Day. The mechanics sent to “FIX” them made them worse. Kari had to be taken to a perfectly functioning Democratic zone to vote. His opponent ran the election.

This is yet another criminal voting operation – SO OBVIOUS. Kari Lake should be installed governor of Arizona. It’s almost as bad as the 2020 presidential election, which the House is deselecting [sic, but cute] The committee refuses to touch because they know it was fraudulent!

I’m not going to argue the Arizona gubernatorial election, primarily because I have no evidence that a “criminal voting operation” occurred. Lake, who was strongly supported by the former president, also suggested on Truth Social that his electoral defeat was anything but fair:

Arizonans lack faith and confidence in our elections. Our election officials are incompetent (…or worse) They let us down. Fake news ignores our fake elections and expects [sic] us to just “move on”. We won’t.

Maricopa County is home to about half of all Arizona voters.

Katie Hobbs
AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin

Granted, Katie Hobbs is a box of stones, but assuming there were voting irregularities in the Grand Canyon State, we don’t live in a country where race losers are declared winners by some, and quickly “settled in the office”, as a result. That’s not how it works in America – and it shouldn’t be.

As we pointed out previously, thousands of voters said they had trouble voting in Maricopa County on Election Dayleading to a Arizona Attorney General’s Office investigation and a subpoena from Arizona Senator Kelly Townsend. (The the county responded to the AG office on Sunday evening.) Additionally, the Lake team filed a complaint in state court Wednesday against Maricopa County, demanding information about voters whose ballots were affected by problems with voting machines.

Here’s more, via the New York Post:

[Lake’s] Fellow Republican Abe Hamadeh, who ran for attorney general and lost by 510 votes, has filed a lawsuit against his Democratic opponent as well as state and local officials, seeking to overturn his defeat.

Arizona counties had until Monday to certify their vote totals. Election officials in Republican-dominated Mohave and Cochise counties said they plan to delay certification of the results.

Mohave County Board of Supervisors Chairman Ron Gould told Reuters his county delayed certification last Monday because his board was waiting to see Maricopa’s explanation of what happened to his voters’ ballots. concerned.

Another mess, for sure.

The essential

While I’m sure all of the above will set some people’s hair on fire, facts matter. Accusations are one thing, and serious accusations should be thoroughly investigated, more to ensure election integrity and voter confidence than to support any particular candidate.

On the other hand, unsubstantiated claims are just as dangerous.

As the late comedian George Carlin wisely observed, “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.” The actual election results sometimes matter much less to one side or the other, based solely on Perception of an outcome. As the old axiom goes, perception is more important than facts.

Hopefully Republicans can field both in the upcoming election.

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